Lindy Camardella has been providing acupuncture to my wife since November 2013.  My wife had a stroke and is paralyzed on her left side.  She has gone through all the therapies for over 3 years but has not shown any left side movement as a result of these therapy sessions.  

Lindy started the acupuncture treatments in November 2013 and since that time my wife has been showing movement of her left leg and left arm with noticeable improvement over time.  My wife looks forward to Lindy's treatments because she can see movement of her left side and it gives her hope to see Lindy every week.  

Lindy not only is extremely knowledgeable of the necessary acupuncture treatments for someone with a stroke but is excellent at bedside manner.  Lindy knows that with a stroke patient and the emotional state of a stroke patient that the patient is overly sensitive to negative opinions, but also, that the patient responds very well to positive opinions. Lindy is understanding, compassionate, empathetic, positive, analytic, results oriented, and very well trained in the practice of acupuncture. I'd recommend Lindy Carmadella to anyone requiring acupuncture for a stroke or any other physical problem that may be causing pain for them. 

Tony G., CPA/ABV