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Return to One is now located inside of  

Advanced Health Institute

Lindy Camardella, L.Ac. is excited to be teaming up with Dr. Mike Dziurgot, DC, Dr. John Sabbia, MD, and Heather Wing, NP as they continue their work in improving the health of the local community and beyond. By combining their three healing methods of Eastern, Western, and Chiropractic Medicine and utilizing thousands of years of clinical practice and top notch research, this team believes tomorrow's healthcare is now here. Yes, our primary goal is to heal our patients, but we also want to offer you an opportunity to work with us in maintaining your health on a consistent basis. Through education, empowerment, and teamwork, our staff at Advanced Health will provide you with the tools to begin to heal yourself. We hope to join you on your journey towards healing and health.

Monday 4-9PM
Tuesday 9AM-3PM
Wednesday  3-8PM
Thursday 9AM-3PM
Return to One Acupuncture, Inc.
Lindy Camardella, L.Ac.
Advanced Health Institute
45 S. Dunton Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 368 - 1122
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